the doc Holliday casino in central city, Colorado is closed in 2014 - try these alternative USA friendly online casinos

doc holliday casino review 2014Updated In April, 2018 - Hundreds of thousands of Americans were devastated when the Doc Holliday Casino closed down but the more savvy gamblers only mourned for the loss of a memorable place, not the ability to win big on slot machines or bump elbows with other casino enthusiasts at the Blackjack tables. The brick & mortar (B&M) Doc Holliday Casino may be gone forever but it's Internet based cousins are both alive and thriving. I do not know if the owners of the DocHollidayCasino own any of these online casinos that accept U.S.A. citizens in 2014 but in the past when small land based casinos have closed it was later discovered that the owners simply wanted to embrace the age of the Internet by launching legal USA online casinos . Think about the costs it took to run the DocHolliday Casino for one month. Even my mid-sized house has a $300 electric bill, $100 water bill, $225 bill/Internet/TV and other expenses. Imagine what an entire casino - like the Doc Holiday Casino or the Mark Twain Casino - had to pay each month, in addition to paying employees, health insurance and all of that. When a casino develops new slot games they factored all of these expenses in while programming the machine's payout percentage. The B&M casino's online cousin also has expenses - $10/year for the domain name, perhaps $200/month for a server, network fee - since they just lease the software. and 5-10 employees. Online casinos can afford to $.01 per every $100 wagered, while B&M casinos need to make $20-$30 for every $100 wagered. The Doc Holiday Casino closed on June 13th, 2013. Why did the Doc Holiday Casino close? Well, there are several answers to this question. The competition from other local casinos in Colorado was stiff. The Doc Holliday Casino was old fashion by nature and had trouble compete with modern casinos. The main factor in the closure of the Doc Holliday Casino was a sharp increase in online casino gambling in Colorado and the United States in general. This 2014 Doc Holliday Casino review explains all of that and more. Here are a few examples:

doc holliday casino building
A look at the Doc Holiday Casino

The Doc Holliday Casino in Central City, Colorado, was not just known for their amazing online Las Vegas slot machines, video poker, Blackjack and other casino games. The Doc Holliday Casino was also a popular poker room. Live poker at this casino would draw in some big names and crowds. Doyle "Texas Dolly" Bonsun was said to be a big fan of this casino's poker games. Now he plays at various Texas poker sites and even some Illinois poker sites. He even created his own USA poker site online but they closed, just like the Doc Holliday Casino. Colorado poker sites online in 2014 include Bovada Poker, Betonline Poker, PokerHost, Americas Cardroom and the newest USA friendly poker site online in 2014; Full Flush Poker. I have added a list of online poker sites accepting USA players in 2014 below but first here is a list of online casinos for USA players in 2014, alternatives to the Doc Holliday Casino.

Internet gambling in 2015:

Online casinos accepting U.S.A. citizens in April, 2014 - doc Holliday casino alternatives on the internet - fast payouts, better odds

legal usa casino poker colorado 2014
People enjoying the slot machines at the Doc Holliday Casino

Many of the USA online casinos listed below have no deposit bonuses in April, 2014. The DocHollidayCasino never offered a no deposit bonus, no b&m casino has. All you need to do is visit the casino site using a link on this page, download the software (or use Instant Play on your browser) and sign up for a new account. Some of the newer online casinos listed below have a no deposit bonus code in 2014, some of the biggest free casino chip deals according to The free $22 at is credited instantly after you redeem the 2014 no deposit code SLOTS22. In these cases just visit the cashier and enter in the coupon code. The free casino money will be credited instantly and if you win you can cashout, after meeting some minimal wagering requirements designed to discourage fraud. If no bonus code is listed just visit the cashier's "promotions" page and claim the free casino chip promotion. If you have any trouble just open the live chat feature and they will make sure you get the free casino money without making a deposit. You do not have to provide them with ANY financial info in order to claim the nodeposit bonus casino in 2014. Other states in the USA may want - even encourage - you to spend your money on lotto tickets but they frown at online poker and casino games? Is gambling only okay when you only get $.25 in value for every $1 wagered? The payout percentage for a scratch off instant ticket is roughly 25%., so when you buy a $1 ticket you are really receiving $.25 in value. When you wager $1 on Blackjack at an Colorado online casino in 2014 you will be getting about $.995 in value on your bet. The same is true for church bingo. Half of the prize pool goes to some charity or church so you are only getting $.50 in value. It is like betting on the flip of a coin, only you have to risk $2 to win $1. Online casinos do it differently. The house edge for more games is under 5%. Slot machines at USA friendly casinos actually have better odds and pay out more than the slot machines at Las Vegas casinos or casinos like the old Doc Holliday Casino. Most slots at USA casinos in 2014 pay out around $.97 on every $1 wagered. They can afford to make so little off of their games because their operating expenses are so small, as explained at the top of this page. The top online casinos for Colorado residents in 2014 are listed below. These are excellent alternatives to the Doc Holliday Casino in 2014. You can even get free money to try them out. The below USA friendly casinos have all been ranked highly (9.2-9.9) by in 2014. Our USA casinos in December of 2014 and our no deposit casino bonuses in December, 2014 , are valid until 2015. These casino bonus codes have been verified by .

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real money online poker sites for U.S. players in 2014 - internet alternatives to Doc Holliday Casino's poker room - USA poker sites

Online poker in Colorado is very popular. Online casino gambling is even more popular than Internet poker in Colorado in 2014. In fact, Colorado is one of the most pro online gambling states in America. Millions of Americans from Colorado play poker online, gambling at USA online casinos, play real money USA bingo and bet on sports online in 2014. has ranked Betonline and as the safest places to bet on sports online in 2014. Online gambling laws in Colorado really do not exist as such. There are some banking regulations that can be applied to gambling sites in Colorado but if no one enforces them, do they really even exist? Not a single person in Colorado - of legal gambling age - has ever been arrested or ticketed or even issues a warning ticket for play at online USA poker rooms, casinos and sportsbooks for USA citizens in 2014. Colorado has been leading the assault on antiquated, useless, anti-productive and even harmful laws for years. The days when uptight bible-thumping legislators could dictate what free Americans can and cannot do are over. Do you want to smoke weed? The bible may say no but Colorado says go for it, but in a reasonable and safe way. Do you want to play poker or Blackjack online for money? The bible may say no but Colorado says go for it. The poker sites in Colorado do not let children play poker, just like B&M casinos do not let children play slots. The best Colorado poker sites online in 2014 are listed below. These sites have the highest ranking at, meaning that they will pay you in 1-5 days via Western Union or Moneygram or 3-10 days via paper check delivered to your door by Fedex, DHL or UPS. People in Colorado and all 50 U.S. states are welcome at these Internet poker rooms. You can easily deposit using Visa, Mastercard AMEX, Western Union (online or in person), Moneygram (online or in person), online vouchers, bank wires, ewallets and several other options. Many people in Colorado prefer to simply buy pre-paid Visa or Mastercard cards and use them to deposit into their poker accounts. The newer poker site USA at Full Flush Poker (Visit Now) is tied with Bet Online Poker as being the quickest paying USA poker room in 2014.

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Colorado online poker and Internet casino gambling laws in 2014 - is internet gambling legal in Colorado in 2014?

Online gambling is not strictly forbidden in any U.S. state. In fact, quite the opposite is true. Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware have state-managed, licensed and fully regulated online poker sites and casinos. In other states online gambling law in 2014 is less clear but no American citizen has ever been so much as ticketed for gambling on the Internet for real money. While brick and mortar casinos like the Doc Holliday Casino close down to make way for newer online casinos and poker rooms in 2014, there will always be a need for the live casino experience. CO poker sites and casinos have been thriving for over a decade and an estimated 1 in 3 Coloradans have gambled on the Internet in one form or another. Are the Colorado online casinos listed above technically legal? I do not know. I do know that they have fair games that are tested and monitored by the government, just like a casino in Las Vegas. Are the Colorado online poker sites listed above technically legal? I do not know but I do know that most of them rooms listed above have been online for over a decade and millions of Americans receive payouts every month. Do any online gambling laws in Colorado in 2014 strictly prohibit Internet gambling? Not that I know of. Illinois online gambling laws in 2014 are much the same.

The Doc Holliday Casino and poker room may have closed down but there are dozens of safe, trusted, fast paying poker rooms and casinos online in 2014 that can offer everything the Doc Holliday Casino offered, along with things they didn't like poker room bonuses, free to enter real money tournaments, no deposit bonuses, free casino chips, free slot machine spins, free football bets, free poker money and amazing games. That concludes this review of the Doc Holliday Casino in 2014. Hopefully we answer your question of why the Doc Holliday Casino closed. I should note that - the domain name - was the official web site for the Doc Holliday Casino in Central City, Colorado, but is now owned by someone unconnected to this historic casino.